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Sore back relief to get you back to your game FASTER!

Wear your Tour Belt before, during, or after a round to help prevent and quickly reduce muscular backache. Position the wide part of the belt against your back, pull the straps firm in the front, and squeeze in as much air as feels comfortable.
Wear it for a few minutes or a few hours. Lightweight and flexible, Tour Belt gives your back more freedom to flex, twist and turn without discomfort. It is lined with a breathable fabric and may be worn under or over clothing and it feels so good you'll forget you have it on.
Interconnected chambers of air form even pressure on back muscles to promote relaxation.
Inflatable multi-celled air chambers. Palm-grip self-contained aspirator with pressure release valve. Breathable inner lining. Rip stop nylon outer cover. Hook and loop closure. 
The Tour Belt is also great for driving car, on an airplaine or working around the home.




Description: Inflatable multi-celled air chambers. Palm-grip self-contained aspirator with pressure release valve. Breathable inner lining. Lightweight and durable rip stop nylon outer cover. Adjustable hook and loop closure. 
- Provides abdominal and back support
- Helps reduce muscular lower back discomfort
- Lightweight comfortable for all day wear
- Does not restrict mobility when bending, twisting, sitting or walking
- Promotes proper back alignment
- Comfortable non-slip protection
- Use under or over clothing
- Aspirator can be neatly tucked away under belt

To determine size, use waist measurements or add 2" if belt is worn over clothing. 
Price: $59.95 USD
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TOURWRIST - Ambidextrous Wrist Support

* Natural Heat Therapy
* Long Term Wearer Comfort
* Provides relief for carpal tunnel sufferers
* Provides protection and support for the wrist
* Multi-Layered Support
* Trioxon® Lining Wicks Away Moisture and Helps Prevent Skin Irritation
* Non-Porous Rubberized Material Captures Body Heat, Increases Circulation, and Provides Compression and Support
* Durable Outer Fabric Assures Long Lasting Wear
* Adjustable strap with hook and closure

When to Wear the TOURWRIST

The TOURWRIST can be worn at any time. In the summer the TOURWRIST should be worn before and after golfing only. Use during the TOURWRIST should be at the users discretion and comfort.

Wear before golfing
The TOURWRIST when used during warm-up prior to activity helps increase the elasticity of muscles, tendons and ligaments, reducing the risk of injury when under stress and strain

Wear to compliment treatment
The TOURWRIST is a valuable complement to present methods of treatment. They can be worn almost anytime and anywhere, so they can continuously work towards helping overcome your injury more quickly, giving increased comfort to injured areas and reducing inflammation and swelling.

Wear during rehabilitation
The TOURWRIST is a valuable aid to helping rehabilitate injured tissue. Because the TOURWRIST makes tendons and muscles more pliable and elastic, it allows them to become fully extensible and more responsive to therapy and exercise following surgery or lay-off after injury.

Price: $10.95 USD / pair
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TOURSTEP - Anti-Fatigue Insoles

TOURSTEP - Anti-Fatigue Insoles

Molded shoe inserts with gel heel insert.

- Provides heel stability and arch support
- Provides shock absorption
- Offers long term wearer comfort
- Breathable fabric cover wicks away moisture
- Provides constant cushioning and even distribution of weight to protect pressure points
- Gel in the heel offers extra cushioning to protect from heel strike

- Lightweight cellular cushioning foam insoles
- Gel heel insert absorbs jarring shock
- Antimicrobial foam helps to reduce foot odor
- Fully machine washable

Sizing - USA Shoe size
Price: $16.95 USD / pair
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TOURELBOW - Air Tennis Sports Elbow support

TOURELBOW - Air Tennis Sports Elbow support

Inflatable air chambers with self-contained aspirator. Soft foam padded shell with pocket for air chamber. 

The TOURELBOW is a unique device which allows you to apply compression to the extensor muscles of the forearm. 

The inflatable chambered air system provides concentrated compression to a large area. The separate air chambers provide excellent conformation to the arm dampening vibration and shock usually transmitted to the lateral epicondyle tendon. 

The TOURELBOW helps to reduce tendon inflammation where muscle and tendon connect to elbow. It protects from vibration and shock transmitted to the lateral tendon. Designed to support the upper forearm during many activities involving repeated hand motion, specially those requiring a strong grip, torquing of the arm, and those where impact occurs with a tennis racket, or a golf club. 

About Golfer's Elbow Golfer's elbow, or medial epicondylitis, is similar to its counterpart Tennis Elbow. The primary differences between these conditions are the location of the pain and the activity that leads to injury. However, both conditions are caused by overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm, leading to inflammation and pain around the elbow joint. 

What is golfers elbow? These problems, tennis elbow and golfer's elbow, are both forms of tendonitis. Tendons are the ends of muscles that attach to bone. Because of the force of the muscle, the points of insertion of the tendon on the bone are often pointed prominences. The medical names of Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and Golfer's Elbow (medial epicondylitis) come from the names of these bony prominences where the tendons insert, and where the inflammation causes the pain. The pain of golfer's elbow is usually at the elbow joint on the inside of the arm; a shooting sensation down the forearm is also common while gripping objects. 

What causes golfers elbow? The mechanism of this injury can vary from a single violent action to, more commonly, repetitive strain injury where an action is performed repeatedly and pain gradually develops. No one is immune from these injuries, but they are most common at the beginning of the golf season, or when the offending activity is increased in intensity or duration. Golf is one common cause of these symptoms, but many other sport- and work-related activities can cause the same problem. Another common cause of this injury is with weekend carpenters who use hand tools on occasion. 

Note: This is a support product only and should not be considered a remedy for any conditions. Consult your physician for treatment and advise on any medical conditions.
Price: $14.95 USD
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