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Heel Products

Did you know that Viscolas© is the only custom polymer expressly formulated for orthopaedic application. Viscolas© products have been proven to speed post operative recovery of the foot, leg, and lower back. Viscolas© can reduce symptoms of heel strike injuries such as tendonitis and shin splints. Viscolas© provides effective soft tissue cushioning under the feet to aid in pain caused from skeletal shock.

Not sure which product is right for you? Use our product comparison chart below:

If you are experiencing: Heel Spur Cushion Blue Dot Heel Cup Standard Heel Cushion
Heel Pain Check Check Check
Knee & Back Pain   Check  
Heel Spurs Check Check  
Plantar Fasciitis Check Check  

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Heel Spur Relief Cushion

Description: This is the original heel spur relief cushion that we have built our reputation on. Made of a cushion-soft visco-elastic polymer, this heel support cushion has a removable "teardrop" plug on the underside, that when removed, relieves the pressure from under the painful area of the heel. Walking is no longer painful because the spur area is "cradled" in a pocket of air and your weight is distributed around the outside edge of the heel support cushion! A natural surface tackiness on the underside of the cushion holds them in place in the shoe to prevent them from slipping. Heel support cushions have been prescribed by doctors and hospitals for almost ten years and are now available to the general public here on the web. Heel spur relief cushions are built to last the life of the shoe and we offer a complete money-back guarantee.

Price: $14.95 / pair
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Heel Products

Blue Dot? Heel Cup

Description: The Blue Dot Heel Cup is the newest addition to our product line in the war against heel pain. It is a medial grade silicone cushion that has been designed with a "Blue Dot" in the medial side of the heel. This "Blue Dot" area is made of a softer silicone to help cushion the heel for greater comfort underfoot. The cupped design forces the fatty pad of the heel (the body's own natural defense against skeletal shock) downward for extra protection. We recommend this style for the vigorous athlete or for anyone whose normal routine requires distance walking. Compare the quality and price of these to any others available. You won't find a better heel cup for the price. They will last the life of the shoe and are fully guaranteed.

Price: $19.95 / pair
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Heel cushion

Standard Heel Cushion

Description: These heel cushions provide effective protection against the harmful effects of heel strike and are designed to fit any shoe, including women's pumps and all tighter-fitting dress shoes. They are particularly useful in situations where the fit of the shoe won't allow the use of a full insole. Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

  Price: $12.95 / pair
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