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Hand Products

Did you know that Vicolas' superior damping properties make it also a great vibration-reducing material? It has its roots in footwear to reduce skeletal shock, however we have also developed grip wraps and vibration reducing gloves to help dampen some of the vibration coming from today's power tools.

Not sure which product is right for you? Use our product comparison chart below:

If you are experiencing: BlackMaxx Gloves Orthex GripKit Grip Master Hand Exercisers
Fatigue to Hands / Arms / Shoulders Check Check Check  
Contact with Vibrating Tools or Objects Check Check Check  
Muscle Therapy       Check
Rehabilitation or Strength Training       Check

Read more about Common Hand Pain and Fatigue conditions...

Black Maxx

BlackMaxx Vibration Reducing Gloves

Description: These economical Nylon/cotton knit vibration dampening gloves are coated with "pods" of lightweight cellular chloroprene. The combination makes for extremely comfortable vibration reducing gloves that use encapsulated air to cushion and dampen vibration, giving the user good dexterity, a lightweight feel, and reduced bunching. The vibration reducing gloves absorb and dissipate some of the vibration emitted from pneumatic and impact tools, helping to reduce fatigue to hands, arms, and shoulders.

Price: $19.95 / pair
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Orthex™ Grip Kits

Description:The protective layer of Viscolas® is applied directly to the tool providing a softer, more yielding handle surface. This design gives elastomer to enhance the body's own natural energy absorbing system. This original Grip Kit contains 12" x 5" sheets of Viscolas® padding (1/4", 3/16", and 1/8" thicknesses), heat shrink tube covering material for longer wear (2-1/2" for large tools and 1-3/4" for small tools), and an alternative wrap for closed-ended handle tools. Enough material for 2-3 tools (1 sheet and tube).

Price: $26.95 / pair
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Eggsercizer hand exercizer

Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser

Description:This ergonomically-shaped Eggsercizer, resistive hand exerciser provides an effective means to rehabilitate and strengthen fingers, hands and wrists. Small and easy to use, it can be used anytime, anywhere, increasing patient compliance. Latex-free, made of non-allergenic Viscolas; it will not crack, leak, or melt. Molded in the shape of an egg to fit the natural contours of the hand. Can be heated to provide additional relief for arthritic and injured hands or cooled in a refrigerator to help reduce local edema and desensitize painful areas. Used for muscle strength improvement, dexterity and mobility improvement, grip strengthening, rheumatoid joint loosening, sport strength training, stress reduction, treatment for Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

  Price: $10.65 / each
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