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About the Air Belt

The new Air Belt® line offers another solution to assist employers, workers and individuals to address the problem of rising musculoskeletal injuries which account for a large portion of occupational illnesses. These traumas cost billions of dollars and loss of work hours and have been linked to workplace stress, high turnover rates, and quality and productivity problems.

The Air Belt is a patented ergonomic support system that employs air as the primary element to not only effectively support but to cushion and stabilize as well. The unique product designs provide optimum anatomical conformance with firm supportive pressure to specific back muscles. There is no restriction of blood flow or inhibition of the natural range of motion. In addition, the air cells actually create a pulsing, graduated compression which massages the muscles, keeping them properly elongated and in a resting state. In this condition muscles are less prone to initial or continuous injury.

Clinical studies show a decrease in muscular activity correlated clinically with relief or reduction in the patient’s discomfort when using the Air Belt. A study was conducted on a high risk group of individuals that had been suffering from back problems for more than a year. From the group 53% had been absent from their workplace 1 to 14 or more days during the 3 months prior to the study. None of the individuals experienced lost time due to back pain or injury during the next 3 months when using the Air Belt. The results of this study indicated that use of an Air Belt may lessen pain associated with low-back injury and help increase expression of previous strength and flexibility, thus facilitating a return to normal daily activity.

The Air Belt has inflatable multi-celled chambers that conform to your back when air is added providing support and reducing muscular discomfort. It can be worn inside or outside of clothing. The manual aspirator system with pressure relief valve can be neatly tucked under the belt. The Air Belt line offers multiple designs, materials and styles to suit the specific needs of the individual.

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